Excursion Day | Freetime

The excursion day is intended for a walk through Wuerzburg. Take the bus from the venue (e.g. line 14 "An Hubland") to the city centre (e.g. line 14 to "Mainfrankentheater" or "Stift Haug") and explore the streets and alleys on your own.

We will meet at 4:30 pm (16:30 Uhr) again at the "Frankoniabrunnen“ (Franconia fountain; You already know the fountain from the day before!).
We‘ll go for a guided walk together through the old town and then up to the fortress „Festung Marienberg“. Up there we'll have dinner (in restaurant "Burggaststätten") at 06:00 pm (18:00 Uhr).

What to do during freetime or on excursion day?

Freetime activities:

  • The Mineralogical Museum is a part of the University at Hubland. You’ll find it near the Hubland Mensa (follow the signs). The collection comprises of more than 10,000 mineral specimen and about 30% of them are on display.
    Free admission, Wed only, 2-5 pm. http://www.mineralogisches-museum.uni-wuerzburg.de/
  • Röntgenmuseum with Röntgen Memorial: Original laboratory (!) in which Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen discovered the X-rays in 1895.
    Free admission, Mon-Fri, 8 am to 7 pm. For more information see http://www.wilhelmconradroentgen.de
  • The Alte Mainbrücke is the oldest bridge over the river Main in Würzburg. It is a fantastic view-point to fortress Marienberg, to the „Käppele“ and the famous vineyard „Würzburger Stein“. Today it is also a meeting place for people of every age – if you want to drink a glass of wine on the bridge (wine-selling on the bridge).
  • Footpath through Wein am Stein: The „Würzbuger Stein“ is a world-famous vineyard. Take a walk on your own on the panoramic trail. The view from the „Stein“ onto the city is fantastic! Use the footpath from Wuerzburg main station via a long tunnel to „Ständerbühlstraße“ and „Mittlerer Steinbergweg“ to get there, the way is hard to find, you should ask before.
  • Footpath to Käppele: The „Käppele“ is a famous Christian pilgrimage church with rich architecture and a glamorous interior decoration. There is a gorgeous walkway of over 250 stairs to Käppele from „Alte Mainbrücke“. Upstairs, you have a great view over Wuerzburg to „Stein“ and to „Hubland“.
  • Footpath to Fortress Marienberg: Walk from the „Alte Mainbrücke“ (the old brigde over the river Main), only around 15 minutes to Marienberg. There is a little footpath with some stairs to go up the hill. If you don’t want to go for a walk, take the urban bus (line 9) from Residence Palace to fortress Marienberg and vice versa.
  • Explore the Old Town of Würzburg with CITY TOUR – a (more) touristic sightseeing tour with a little „City Train“.
    Duration: 40 min., Costs: 9 €, get a ticket from the conductor. Departure at Residenzplatz. Tour in English and German daily at 3 pm. http://www.city-tour.info
  • In ancient times every town had a „Nachtwächter“, a night guard who watched from a tower for fires in the night. Today this „Nachtwächter“ guides you through the Old Town of Würzburg every evening, daily at 8 pm and 9 pm, duration approx. 60 min, costs: 6.- €/7,50 €. Departure from „Vierröhrenbrunnen“, a huge fountain near „Alte Mainbrücke“. Unfortunately, only in German (respectively real Wuerzburger Franconian dialect).
  • MP3-Audioguide in German for smartphones and mp3-player: http://www.wuerzburg.de/audioguide/
  • WuerzburgApp (iOS/Android): http://www.wuerzburg.de/wuerzburg-app/