Welcome to Autumn School 2018: Digital Tools and Mathematical Modelling in Mathematics Education

Würzburg (Bavaria, Germany), Sunday, 07 to Friday, 12 October 2018

We would like to invite young researchers (master-students, PhD-students and post-doctoral students) in the field of mathematics education to participate in our upcoming Autumn School “Digital Tools and Mathematical Modelling in Mathematics Education”. The Autumn School will bring together young researchers and acknowledged experts to discuss perspectives on the learning and teaching of mathematics as well as have a look at upcoming fields of interest in that domain. The intent of the school is to allow young researchers from different countries to

  • compare different research methods and approaches in advance of their own study
  • present their research projects, problems and preliminary results and discuss them with an audience of fellow researchers and highly qualified experts
  • connect with international fellow researchers from the community, exchange opinions and ideas about the work of other researchers and to lay the foundations for a future cooperation in the field of mathematics education.